Dr. Khalid Mohtadullah, Senior Advisor Global Water Partnership

Mr. Khalid Mohtadullah (KM) is a civil engineer by training with vast experience in water resources policy, strategy, institutional development, planning, project preparation, research, implementation and management. He possesses an advanced degree and diploma in engineering and management from MIT, USA and the Harvard Business School, USA respectively. 

He retired as Managing Director and Member Water of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority, WAPDA, and remained Director of Research at IWMI and later its deputy Director General, and has served as the Executive Secretary of GWP in Stockholm in Sweden. As such he uniquely combines technical management and research strengths. He has worked mostly in multidisciplinary environments to incorporate economic, social and environmental considerations in water resources management and combines experience of working in government, semi-government and international organizations including the UN system in Pakistan and abroad.

Until recently he served as the Country Director IWMI Pakistan and chaired the Board of one of the largest Power Company in the Public Sector in Pakistan. He is a Senior Advisor to GWP and ICIMOD and a Special Advisor to IWMI.