Snow Monitoring Sensor Deployed in Swat



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The Centre for Water Informatics and Technology (WIT) extended its research work to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) with the pioneering project of the installation of smart sensors to measure snowmelt in Gabbin Jabba, Swat, KPK. The importance of this project cannot be understated as the Snow-melt in Himalayas in the Northern Pakistan is the main source of water for agriculture in the irrigated plains of Sindh, Punjab and KPK provinces. Unprecedented flood events which happen as a result of heavy warm rainfall that accompanies with it, the melting of the heavy snowpack, pose a serious threat to both the human life and infrastructure. Understanding the severity and to lessen these risks, a technical team led by Zahoor Ahmed developed a smart meter for the early detection of hydrological events such as flash floods and droughts. The center recently successfully deployed and tested the developed instrument to measure hydrological parameters such as snow fall, snow melt rate, rainfall, humidity and temperature and the resulting water level of the stream of a small catchment having an area of 41 sq. km in real time near Gabin Jabba Swat. A sensor capable of monitoring hydrological parameters (snow depth, rain, temperature etc.) is installed at 9400 feet altitude and another at an altitude of 6800 feet (stream flow and hydrological parameters). Another successful milestone of technological advancement.

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