Technical Staff

Mr. Allah Baksh Shimroze

Laboratory Technician

Allah Bakhsh Shamrooz is a diversified technician with over 10 years of extensive field experience in electronics including biomedical equipment and home appliances. He holds an Associate Engineering Diploma (DAE) in Electronics. At Center for Water Informatics and Technology, LUMS he has contributed heavily in assembling and testing of an in-house developed hydrometer and in deployment and maintenance of a network of these hydrometers in Bahawanagar/ Haroonabad area.

Mr. Waqas Riaz

Software Engineer

Mr. Riaz is a Research Assistant/Software Engineer in the team of hydrometry for the project of Real Time Flow Monitoring system (RTFM). He joined Cyber Physical Networks Lab (CYPHYNETS) in 2014 and later became the core team member at Center for Water Informatics & Technology (WIT) in 2016. Working here at WIT, his duties include to develop, maintain and improve backend software support for data acquisition and dissemination of canal flow data over web and mobile devices. He have also contributed in developing and using the methodology for flow measurement in small irrigation watercourses using critical flow devices and smart water meter. Prior to joining WIT, he worked as a Research Assistant at Alternate Energy Research and Innovation Lab (AERIL) at KICS, UET Lahore. Mr. Riaz received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering from National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (NUCES-FAST) in 2013. He has also gained certifications in Web development, database management and CCNA.