Technology Portfolio

Technology Portfolio

Canal Gauge monitoring a canal

Canal Gauge

A low cost digital canal gauge to monitor real time status of canal flow, increasing the situational awareness of canals and replacing the need of manual gauge readings.  [Read More]


Soil Moisture Sensor deployed at a field

Soil Moisture Sensor

A permanently installed soil moisture sensor for smart irrigation decisions, allowing irrigation savings of up to 50%.  [Read More]



Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station

All purpose weather station for climate and agricultural applications, with task specific sensor add-ons. [Read More]



AI Cam

All purpose AI Camera

It is an AI-powered camera with multiple use cases, ranging from trash monitoring in water channels to biodiversity monitoring in forests. [Read More]


Water Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality and Flow Monitoring System

A cloud connected hydrological monitoring solution to measure physicochemical properties of water in real-time. [Read More]


Trash Skimming Boat

Trash Skimming Boat

AI-powered boat to detect, navigate and collect the trash on water channels. [Read More]


Forest App

Forest Health Monitoring App

An app to easily monitor forest assets, making it easy to assess biomass and carbon content of a single tree and ultimately the whole forest area. [Read More]




Talking Fields App

Talking Fields App

An app for information dissemination in farmers and data collection. App generates local insights from satellite snaps and on site sensors. [Read More]