About The Centre for Water Informatics & Technology

Housed at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), WIT aims to serve as a hub with a disciplinary focus on hydro-informatics and systems analysis to address the most pressing issues in the water sector with solutions that are driven by innovative practices and sustainable technological interventions. The Centre was established in 2016 against the backdrop of rising challenges in water management that are further aggravated by the impacts of climate change and the imperative of economic development. 


The staff at WIT carries out both theoretical and applied work in water related areas. Their research encompasses science, technology, practice and policy. 


Research Themes

The over-arching research themes consolidate the strengths of the Centre for investigating solutions to local and global water challenges. 

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Research Stories

Water may be called as the ’mother’ of all developmental challenges for Pakistan. From food security and energy security to climate change adaptation and sustainable development, water underpins critical aspects of each of these grand challenges, therefore requiring a multidisciplinary approach to solving the Water-Energy-Food-Climate nexus.

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Technological Innovations

A major thrust at WIT is the conceptual innovation and development of technologies to support its activities.

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Namal Project


WIT conducts a wide range of inter-disciplinary projects that are funded both internally and through external contracts and grants.

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Recent Publications

  • Balancing smart irrigation and hydropower investments for sustainable water conservation in the Indus basin [link]

  • Mobile sensing for estimation of hydro-dynamic parameters for minimally gauged open channels [link]

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Research Partners

Read how WIT collaborates with partner groups and organizations to deliver cross-cutting, impactful research.  

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