Workshops and Symposia (Selected)

A selective list of workshops organized by WIT.

  • Nexus Summit: Harmonizing Energy, Water and Agriculture Systems for a Low Emissions Future [March 7-8, 2024] [Webpage]
  • Workshop on Digital Sustainable Agriculture [July 24, 2023] [Webpage]
  • Building Resilience for Data-scarce Water Systems in Pakistan [July 07, 2023] [Webpage]
  • Workshop on Integrating Social Science into Irrigation Systems Research [June 06, 2023] [Webpage]
  • Training on Glacier Modelling: Practical Applications with the Open Global Glacier Model [March 10, 2023][Webpage]
  • Workshop on Integrated Assessment Modelling for Multi-Sectoral Policy Insights [Sepember 22, 2022] [Webpage]
  • Workshop on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and its Applications through Edge Devices [June 7, 2022] [Webpage]
  • Earth Observation Applications in Agriculture and Forestry [Virtual training workshop, August 2020]
  • Provincial Consultative Dialogue on “Sub-national Perspectives on National Water Policy [December 4, 2018]
  • Completion Seminar on Closed-loop Secondary-level Canal Monitoring [October 29, 2019]
  • A Talk on Climate Change and Water Quality: A Case Study of Kabul River Basin [November 5, 2019]
  • Validation Workshop: Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plan (ADRMOP) for Punjab [April 4, 2019]
  • Validation Workshop: Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plan (ADRMOP) for Sindh [March 2019]
  • World Water Day, One Day Media Workshop on Water [March 27, 2019]
  • Validation Workshop: Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plan (ADRMOP) for Sindh[March 12, 2019]
  • Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plan (ADRMOP) for Sindh [ October 25, 2018]
  • Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Operational Plan (ADRMOP) for Punjab [October 18, 2018]
  • Workshop on Field and Assistive Robotics [October 13, 2018]
  • Challenges of water management for energy and food production [March 27, 2018]
  • Stakeholders Meeting, Workshop on “Identifying Water, Energy, and Land Nexus Challenges in the Indus Basin and Provincial Government visit. [March 26, 2018]
  • World Water Day, Together for Water [ March 22, 2018]
  • Seminar on Water & Environment Education at Pakistani Universities [February 9, 2018]
  • Launch of Nestlé Pakistan’s Water Plan (October 4, 2017)
  • Screening of Documentary of 'River Garden [April 12, 2017]
  • INDUS 2017: International Symposium on History and Future of The Indus Basin - Connecting Water to Culture, Economy and Technology [Ali Institute, Jan 2017]


Interdisciplinary courses offered at LUMS by WIT faculty

  • SCI103: Introduction to Environmental Science [Fall 2020]
  • SCI302/EE5612: Socio-ecological Systems and Sustainability [Spring 2021]
  • EE100: Engineering Laboratory - Intelligent Sustainable Systems [Spring 2021]
  • EE568: Remote Sensing of the Environment [Spring 2023]
  • ENV244: Modelling the Environment [Spring 2024]
  • EE200: Sophomore Design Studio [Spring 2024]

Oxford Lectures on Human-Water Systems: Lessons For and From River Basins of the Muslim World

This seminar series will explore the coevolution of water and society through time. By tracking advances in technology, adaptation to climate, and the pursuit of justice, time, power and wisdom in various thoughts, the series aims to foster interdisciplinary approaches to Human-Water Systems. Using examples from river systems around the world, it will illustrate the importance of understanding human behaviour towards sustainable water resource management.

Models, Learning and Sensing in Hydrology (MLSH) Seminar Series

The "Models, Learning and Sensing in Hydrology" seminar series discusses serious scholarship in the emerging topics of physics-guided machine learning, evolutionary dynamical systems, data assimilation of mobile sensors, AI-powered edge computing systems, and autonomous systems in water, agriculture and similar application areas. Click below for more information on the seminar series

Best of Water Systems Research (BWSR) Seminar Series

The "Best of Water Systems Research" seminar series celebrates distinguished work in water systems and is targeted towards researchers, practitioners, and technical experts in water-related areas. Click below for more information on the seminar series

Aab Beeti Seminar Series

Open conversations with experts moderated by the WIT staff to raise awareness of critical water related issues in the general public.

Multi-Day Schools

Multi-day trainings delivered by a panel of international experts brought together by WIT

  • WISS2017: Summer School on Water Informatics, Science and Systems [LUMS, May 2017]
  • WSPG2016: Fall School on Water Science, Policy and Governance [LUMS, Nov 2016]
  • WSSP2016: Spring School on Water Systems, Science and Practice [LUMS, March 2016]

Other Events

  • Smart Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan (WIT Inaugural Ceremony) [LUMS, Jan 2016]